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Antelope canyon

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Antelope Canyon Being a tourist sight and a popular photography and sightseeing destination, Antelope canyon boasts some of the best tourist hotels that offer nothing less of first class services. A detour of the region not only reveals a tranquil environment, but one awash with attractive hotel buildings and eye-catching topography. To enhance reachability and to create awareness, tourism destination marketing has become an imperative practice among many outlets. As pointed out by Djurica and Nina (2010), planning and availing information on tourist destinations not only creates awareness among potential tourists, but also affects their rationality in terms of choice, as people tend to opt for something they have some knowledge of. An attempt to sample some of these hotels is provided hereunder.
To begin with, the Clarion Inn is a long-stay, comfortable hotel with up to 74 rooms. In addition, the hotel has a business center complete with high-speed internet connectivity (Clarion Inn Motel, 2015). Located at the heart of the beautiful Lake Powell Country, this destination is ideal for individuals who want to enjoy nature’s tranquility. Next is Debbie’s Hide a Way, a hotel with one of the nicest flower patios in the area, can accommodate up to eight guests in their family and romantic hotels (Debbie’s Hide a Way, 2015). Another nice-looking, warmly hotel is the Red Rock Motel. With 14 rooms and a spacious packing lot, the motel offers extra-ordinary comfort at pocket-friendly rates (Red Rock Motel, 2015). Designed with 3 Romantic hotels and 4 Family hotels, Days Inn and Suites offers you amazing coziness at pocket friendly rates. Complete with 82 rooms and a business center with internet connectivity, the suite is idea for business vacations, family outings, as well as romantic dates (Antelope Canyon Hotel 2015).
Knights Inn is a hotel suitable for family vacation as well as business retreats for the corporate world. Complete with 63 rooms, a spacious business center with internet connectivity (Knights Inn, 2015), this palatial hotel offers the type of comfort comparable to none. Located downtown Page, Best Western Plus is a 132-roomed hotel, with supplementing meeting rooms and business center (Best Western Plus), ideal for families on vacation as well as corporate retreats. In addition, the hotel is located in a convenient place that allows for breathtaking canyon adventures and sightseeing.
Comfort Inn & Suites is a well-appointed hotel that offers tourists a luxurious feel. Located along Haul Road, the suite has 68 complete rooms with a business center fitted with internet connectivity (Antelope Canyon Hotels, 2015). This place is ideal individuals on business retreats as well families and individuals on vacation, as it offers a nice scenic view and a wealth of photo points. Another magnificent hotel near Antelope Canyon is the Courtyard Page. Located in overlooking the gland Arizona Glen Canyon, the hotel has 153 rooms, meeting rooms, a business center with internet connectivity, as well as a conference room (Antelope Canyon Hotel, 2015). It is therefore suitable for a large group of individuals on a business vacation, or just families who love elegance and the thrill of sightseeing.
Antelope Canyon has numerous hotels within its vicinity that offer quality services, and whose locations offer you the chance to enjoy different scenic views. Additionally, the organization around this place ensures that there is complete harmony between the environment and the imaginative thoughts of tourists such that almost all first time visitors find the place not only serene, but captivating and welcoming as well.

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