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Annotated bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography Bancroft, George, and Russel B. Nye. The History of the United s of America from the Discovery of the Continent. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1966. Print.
In a comprehensive summary, rich in vital details, the author lays out the turning point in history that came up to build the American society either politically or socially since its founding. The focus of this source is the civil war that pitted the confederates from the south and the union forces. It gives more emphasis to the reasons for the civil war and what both sides fought four. Reasons to why the north won and the south lost are given in this source as well as post-war alignment.
This source is valuable as it helps in understanding the political situation on the build up and during the war. This civil war is a significant historical element and thus helps educate and enlighten readers.
McPherson, J. M. Battle cry of freedom: The Civil War era. New York: Oxford University Press, 1988. Print.
This source explores the influence slavery had on the civil war. It examines the role of slavery especially in influencing politics in the south. Of significant emphasis are the submissions of major political players and society from the southern region of America in relation to slave ownership. The author also highlights the role of black soldiers in the civil war and in what way they influenced the side that lost and that which lost the civil war.
This source is important because it explores the main reason for full blown war between the south and the north. It provides insight to the main discourse of the war by examining all the participants.
Harold, Stanley. Border War: Fighting Over Slavery Before the Civil War. Chapel Hill: U of North Carolina P, 2010. Print.
The author of this book dwells on the period before the civil war. He asserts that there were troubles over slavery that was slowly building up to a national phenomenon. He acknowledges that there were skirmishes along the North and South Border in relation to fugitive slaves. They were what shaped up politics and culture leading to the civil war.
This source is instrumental in showing the build up to the war. It helps people know that political factions started forming a long time before the actual war started. It contributes to research by giving a wider scope of events leading to the civil war.

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