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Analysis odwalla case

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Odwalla case assignment The major aim of any company is profit maximization besides upholding the values of the company. Odwalla being the largest producer of fresh fruit and vegetable in the western United States would be faced with the same predicaments. This essay analyses the Odwalla case scenario with respect to the E coli bacterium. It will involve a study of the key stakeholders, their interests, the customer concern and even analyze the position of other relevant stakeholders not discussed.
Key stakeholders
Behind every business is the owner of the business idea. This is the person who will influence every decision made in a company if not all the decisions. In this case, it is Greg Steltenpohl who is currently recognized as a company founder and chairman (p. 422). the business was his brain child, and he revealed to have gotten the idea from a book. However, the founded the company alongside his wife, Bonnie Basset and friend Gerry Percy. They worked as a team so as to purchase a used hand juicer for 200$ and began producing fresh squeezed orange juice. This marked the beginning of Odwalla Company.
Key stake holders’ interests
In order to run an institution properly, it is vital to have clearly defined goals that will eventually serve the interests of the company. One of the driving concerns of Odwalla Company was to widen its clientele that eventually would serve to give it some market dominance. This was to be achieved be extending its market reach by expanding its own distribution and production capabilities and by acquiring other juice companies (p. 422). Another interest was to have a variety of products in its production line. The confirmation of this is when it added carrot juice in 1983 and apple juice in 1985 , in its line. Odwalla also wanted to achieve rapid growth by use of bank loans and private stock earnings. Moreover, the company also wanted to be an industry producing natural fruit of high quality. Environmental conservation was also of primary concern by recycling of plastic bottles while inorganic products converted from landfills.
Customer involvement
E. Coli bacterium is spread to humans be fecal contamination when or secondary infection. It produces a potent toxin that attacks the lining of the gut. This poses a health risk to customers in the sense that in case the juices are pasteurized then the nutritional content is lost. The manner in which the case is handled is also a clear indication of how important the company values its customers. By taking responsibility of the customers health once the case is confirmed , is a clear indication that Odwalla values its customers.
Odwalla’s move to recall the products
Suppose I was the company CEO I would have taken the same move to recall the products. This is because it will contain the products already in circulation and it is a sure way of ensuring the product is disposed. Besides, it will help in containing the spread of false information.
Fiduciary responsibility of the owners
The CEO’s move does not serve to uphold his fiduciary responsibly to Odwalla’s owners because every decision he makes has to be in the best interest of the company much as this move was in the best interest of the consumers. He was not legally obligated to make such a move especially owing to the fact that it was not confirmed to be the cause of the epidemiology. He was addressing the possible fears rather than working with the facts at hand.
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