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American history

May 25, American History Question The Portuguese had knowledge of the profits of the Arab trade caravans. Their initial concern was the short term profits which they wanted to earn by looking at the examples of the Arabs. They had the funds to prepare and carry out many voyages to the south of Africa and this allowed them to gain access to the lands before others. Due to these multiple voyages they had gathered excellent geographical information which helped them to move further.
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Due to their voyages there came a conflict between Spain and Portugal. Therefore, this was resolved by means of the Treaty of Tordesillas. According to this treaty the disputed land was divided equally into specific access areas.
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In the race of reaching India by travelling west the French aimed to find a north-west route to India. Later they started colonizing in North America in order to exploit the fur trades and in order to compete with the other European powers that were coming up with methods to take over the Americas. Also these colonies provided them with the opportunity to reallocate their population in new areas.
Question 4
Joint stock companies is a form of business organization where people buy stocks or shares in the company which allows them to participate and take share of the company’s profits and benefits from other activities.
The London company which was forming colonies in North America used this method in Virginia to expand their control and also to get the people involved in the betterment of the society by sharing the profits.

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