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Adlerian and reality therapy

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Adlerian therapy and reality therapy are two examples of psychotherapy commonly used in counseling. Psychotherapy counseling of clients is through interaction between a professional counselor and a client. This treatment tries to improve the well being of an individual. Schools and psychological institutions widely use Alderian and Reality therapy to improve mental health. The two mentioned counseling approaches uses different concepts, but they share other things.

Adlerian therapy bases on the interactions and conflicts that create an individual’s feelings or ego. According to Adler, ego is the epi-center of personality, and it makes an individual (Carlson, 2005). It encourages as well as informs the client in order to correct the mistakes in a collaborative way. In quite a related way, Reality therapy, bases on the connection of a person and other people (Wubbolding, 2010). The unsatisfactory or lack of connection between humans creates problems at the individual levl.


The concepts of both therapies focus on the present. Adler believes that the childhood experiences do not matter as much, but it is the perception and the lessons drawn from the past that matters most (Carlson, 2005). Reality therapy, on the other hand, argues that the unsatisfactory relation that we have currently, causes the problems and not the past.

While giving reality therapy, it is necessary to avoid blaming, criticism or making complains since it discourages the client. Adlerian therapy also involves a lot of encouragements which builds self-confidence and enhances courage to take life positively.


While Alderman Therapy works on rediscovering self, Reality therapy aims at reconnecting the client and other people. It involves looking into the issues causing the problem. The reality therapy also eemphasizes on the realization that it is only through excuses that the relation breaks; and workable plans support the reconnection of individual. In contrast, Adlerian therapy aims at the rediscovering of self and developing better behaviors. In addition to the contrast, Adlerian therapy believes that people with the inferiority complex do not function properly in the society just as in the case of birth order. On the other hand, the use of choice theory enables the client realize that the only person they can take control over is themselves, and the reconnection with other people will work out well.


Whether on the approach of Adler or reality, the most important, expected result is the accommodating and thriving relationship between an individual and other people. Be it through self-recognition (Adler) or appreciation and maintaining competent relationship with other people (reality therapy), counseling is undoubtedly helpful.

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