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Acute coronary syndrome

Today’s Your number Your email PARA1006 Topic section: Chest Pain Marc Colbeck 06 RLJ1 first last – Apart from the assigned reading, I also referenced the following sources to learn about this section. The ones I found most useful (that I would recommend to others) are marked with an asterisk (*)
1. Acute Coronary Syndrome * at http://emedicine. medscape. com/article/1910735-overview
(Coven & al, 2011)
2. Acute Coronary Syndromes * at http://www. merckmanuals. com/home/heart_and_blood_vessel_disorders/coronary_artery_disease/acute_coronary_syndromes_heart_attack_myocardial_infarction_unstable_angina. html (Warnica, 2008)
3. Acute Coronary Syndromes * http://circ. ahajournals. org/content/122/18_suppl_3/S787. full
(OConnor & al, 2011)
1. Half the patients who die of ACS do so before reaching the hospital, therefore, communities should develop programs to respond to cardiac emergencies that include the prompt recognition of ACS symptoms by patients and their companions as well as by healthcare and public safety providers.
2. ECG is the most important initial diagnostic procedure when doctors suspect an acute coronary syndrome.
3. Aspirin prevents platelets from forming clots, it reduces the risk of death and the risk of a second heart attack by 15 to 30%.
Some things I learned in this topic that I may be able to use in the future are:
1. Acute coronary syndromes are medical emergencies because half of the deaths due to a heart attack occur in the first 3 or 4 hours after symptoms begin, the sooner treatment begins, the better the chances of survival.
2. Patients at risk for ACS (and for their families), primary care physicians, and other healthcare providers should consider discussing the appropriate use of aspirin and activation of the EMS system because knowledge and awareness of this could save the victim’s life.
3. Trying to contact the person doctor, relatives, friends, or neighbors is a dangerous waste of time because an immediate emergency response is crucially needed.
Things I most liked about this session (things to keep) were…
1. Learning the applications of an emergency management system (EMS) is crucial because it is the most critical factor that could save the life of the person with ACS.
2. Despite all the possible symptoms, as many as one of five people who have a heart attack have only mild symptoms or none at all because such a silent heart attack may be recognized only when ECG is routinely done some time afterward.
3. Patient education of risk factors is important because a lack of recognition of symptoms may cause tremendous delays in seeking medical attention.
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1. What are the secondary causes of variant angina?
a. Fever and anemia
b. Tachycardia and Thyrotoxicosis
c. Hypotension and Hypoxemia
d. All of the above
2. From the risk factors of ACS, which one causes 8% of ACS)?
a. Hypertension
b. Obese
c. Lipids and Cholesterol
d. None of the above

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