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Active time

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I focused on the racquet technique and actually snuck out to practice an evening or two each week without my friends knowing it. My game improved and I ate free lunches for almost the entire summer! This is the type of challenge that best describes me.
Other activities that I enjoy are downhill skiing and horseback riding. I am a novice a riding and am looking forward to improving. I have been told that I am too competitive by friends, but that is simply how I am wired. I never stoop to being a poor sport, and I have never lost a friend because of my competitive nature, so I guess I’m not too overbearing with my desire to always do my best. I am the sort of person that cannot relax by relaxing or giving something a half-effort. I relax by giving each challenge all of my efforts and then enjoying the benefits of my hard work. This is why I love a good challenge. In the end, I’m a better more relaxed person because of the effort needed to overcome the challenge.

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