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Action plan

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Action Plan Action Plan Goal i. To formulate practical approaches for bettering rural health outcomes that could be accomplished within a six to ten month period
ii. To offer decision makers, sponsors, and stakeholder parties a communal vision and series of action steps to better rural health
iii. To ensure regularity in applying the constancy of cost per patient and flow of cash
i. Using clean, economic, and abundant energy by Ashe Memorial Hospital in the provision of instant hospital savings
ii. Records of improved financial output brought about by advanced decision-making processes through proper energy control
Action Steps
Improving Ashe Memorial Hospital’s financial status through by applying its current and potential options is a summary of the action steps.
Ashe Memorial Hospital’s management team will enact these action steps along with support from North Carolina Institute of Medicine and the Office of Rural Health and Community Care (Borkowski and Deckard, 2013).
Completion by May or September 2015
A. Resources Available
i. Efficient energy sources
ii. Ample space for patient admittance
iii. Medicare and Medicaid
iv. Control measures for contagious illnesses
B. Resources Needed
i. Renewable energy sources
ii. Monetary resources or healthcare funds
iii. Analgesics
iv. Home care
C. Potential Barriers
i. Limited staff members
ii. Supply inaccessibility due to remote geographic location
D. What individuals or organizations might resist? How?
i. Rival medical suppliers may fight to raise profits at the expense of low quality medication
ii. Higher learning institutes for medicine
E. Communications Plan
Clearer communication styles to improve the identification of programs and amenities accessible to them.
Who is involved?
Hospital management and its partners in this action plan
What methods?
Strategic approaches that can increase the usage and efficiency of energy sources within the hospital and level its financial status
How often?
Weekly between the commencement of this action plan and September 2015
Step 1: Construct energy-concentrated buildings
A. Each building should consume more energy than any other types of buildings per meter squared
B. Form simpler-to-sustain buildings
C. Enact frameworks that enable improved predictive sustenance designs
Step 2: Fix building systems that accomplish sustainable value, expense reductions, and savings throughout the building’s lifespan
A. Produce new cash flows
B. Constantly raise capital
Step 3: Lower penalties and carbon levies
A. Build energy proficiency in the future
B. Promote the ability of full submission to supervisory bodies and authorization organizations in the hospital’s activities
Step 4: Decrease levels of power outage, patient injuries, and deaths caused by short-circuit explosions
A. Lower the likelihood of more expenses
B. Implement smart healthcare solutions
C. Present the hospital with an opportunity to better its financial output
Step 5: Make sure there are sufficient incentives
A. Guarantee support for cultivating, hiring, and maintaining health experts to underserved departments of the hospital
B. Grow successful approaches to hire health expert graduates with between two and four-year degrees as practitioners trained in remote higher learning institutions able to practice medicine in Ashe Memorial Hospital
C. Prioritize admittance processes to patients who need emergency care and regular access to essential healthcare instruments or treatment devices
Evidence of Success
All quality development activities in Ashe Memorial Hospital have merged to form an option to ideals in quality guarantee and building responses to shortcomings and regulation approaches centered on outcomes.
Evaluation Process
Ashe Memorial Hospital will determine the goals of its action plan are achieved by looking into protocol improvements as manners of offering excellent care and limiting healthcare expenses. Certifying organizations should promote the hospital to apply protocol improvements as effective assessment measures.
Borkowski, N., and Deckard, G. (2013). Case Studies In Organizational Behavior And Theory For Health Care. Los Angeles, CA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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