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Accreditation for healthcare organizations

HEALTHCARE Sentara Healthcare is accredited by the Virginia Board of Nursing as well as the Virginia Board of Education, along with the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission. The healthcare delivery system has a diverse base of facilities, for which there is a lot of planning to do with national, state, and local accreditation agencies. Generally, the way that Sentara Healthcare views key issues for accreditation is a reflection of knowledge within the healthcare system of the accreditation process, and preparation for each part of this process. Generally, this involves anticipating survey team observations and then proactively showing through patient activities and units of care delivery, a mastery of the essentials which the accreditation team is seeking at Sentara.
The planning for accreditation at Sentara is more of an ongoing process in which accreditation, which is as mentioned above, already achieved, is also maintained. The various bodies that have accredited the healthcare system send survey teams from time to time to any one of Sentara’s hospitals and delivery facilities, in order to interview patients and staff, and review documents as well as observing quality of care. “ The team may track a patient through his or her hospital stay–in person and through medical records–to find out how the hospitals systems and processes work in supporting patient care” (Accreditation, 2008). During this process, Sentara has to prepare to be judged directly in terms of what care is given to patients, whether it is quality care, effectively carried out, and performed well to the resulting tendency of improving the quality of life of the patient.
In order to prepare for the accreditation and renewal processes (accreditation needs renewed after three years), Sentara concentrates on teamwork, leadership, and communication. The healthcare group is evaluated by survey teams who come through looking at various hospital departments. They work in a group together closely at every step of the process, integrating their respective findings to reach viable conclusions about Sentara’s system-wide performance. “ At the end of the survey, the team scores the hospital on how well it meets the standards in the Accreditation Manual for Hospitals” (Accreditation, 2008), related to scored performance standards that are scaled and measured.
The accreditation process is very complex and involved. What follows are the
steps recommended by a source on the Accreditation Comprehensive Review Cycle. The
process starts years before the actual review, when the office for accreditation makes
the programs and the leader of Sentara makes a formal request for review. Then letters are sent out backing up this request. Then, some time before the review, the office for accreditation makes a panel for the program and gives the panel chair person instructions, and starts the team of the surveyors. The visit dates are set and the program confirms. Some time before review, the program is submitted to the team and reviewed, and the panel is appointed. The program is then reviewed and submitted and the process continues. Weeks before the review, there is a final program presentation and travel arrangement are made. Then, during the review, the panel meets with the staff and patients when performing the evaluation. After the review, corrections are made and a conference is held.
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