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Abortion college essay

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Death is the assumed outcome of life; whether it happens naturally or suddenly we understand the fact that it was just that persons time, and accept the situation.

But as soon as we can control this outcome, some people find it harder to deal with. By means of abortion we can prevent a child growing up to die young due to disabilities, or in a home situation that would not be fitting for an infant. At the same time, taking a life has been deemed wrong by the court of law and abortion has become somewhat of a loophole to this. The mother is the natural caregiver for a child, as she is the only thing sustaining the life of an unborn fetus. The health of the mother, therefore, should become the main concern when addressing abortion. This means whether or not the woman intends to bear children again, as the primary source of life her safety should be the main concern.

Access to legal, professionally-performed abortions reduces injury and death caused by unsafe illegal abortions. The World Health Organization estimated in 2006 that “ back-alley” abortions cause 68, 000 maternal deaths each year in countries where abortion is not legal, 9% accounting for Canadian women. According to an online archive on abortionincanada. ca, in 1986 eighteen year old Erin Shannon died at Ottawa Civic Hospital following an illegal abortion.

During the 1960’s the government began feeling the pressure to legalize abortions, and in 1969 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s Liberal government decriminalizes contraception and allows abortion under certain circumstances. Abortions may be performed in a hospital if a committee of doctors decides that continuing the pregnancy may endanger the mother’s life or health, although the word health was not defined or limited. Since then, technologies to perform abortions have improved immensely. Still, deaths occur each year; according to Carroll Rees of Life Canada News, Tragically, two women died as a result of an induced abortion in 2001 –..


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