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al Affiliation Due Web 2. 0 Application The idiom ‘ Web 2. 0’ was coined to describe a new generation of the World Wide Web, where users are allowed to modify web pages as opposed to merely viewing information (Chui et al. 1-8). Before the onset of Web 2. 0, websites were static and users were merely allowed to view information on display. However, the main difference between the two generations of the World Wide Web emanates the changes in the design and use of web pages.
Some of the feature of Web 2. 0 includes allowing browsers to interact with each other as well as having the capability to modify web pages (Chui et al. 1-8). For example, Facebook and other social media sites allow users to design their own page. Wikipedia, on the other hand, allows users from all over the world to make changes to the pages where they perceive necessary.
There are limitless applications of Web 2. 0 to business organizations. For example, the interactive feature of the websites allows businesses to obtain feedback from their clients and thus tailor their products to suit the specific needs of their customers (Chui et al. 1-8). For example, most business websites and blogs allow the readers to leave comments, a feature that was only enabled by Web 2. 0.
In addition, Web 2. 0 is a platform that can be used by business employees to share information among themselves (Chui et al. 1-8). This is a very important feature of business because it lowers the costs of communication and allows workers to have interactive forums where they can all participate in sharing and distribution of information.
Web 2. 0 also has applications in marketing. For example, all social networking sites use Web 2. 0. Businesses use these sites to connect to customers and advertise new products. In fact, social networking sites are merging as the best advertising platforms (Chui et al. 1-8). They increase the application of Web 2. 0 to businesses.
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BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY 1 (2009): 1-8. Print.

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