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A happy ending for romeo and juliet

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“ Love is such a powerful feeling that it bonds them together until death” Romeo and Juliet is such a beautiful love story, and as I was reading it I’m always looking forward for the next scene, the twist makes the story more engaging to look forward to; every scene shows deep emotions that carries the readers’ feelings and interest. Though I’m not fond of reading much, I’ve read this exquisite story till the last page and never miss a scene nor a dialogue, as everyone knows it has a tragic ending wherein Romeo and Juliet both died.

This gives me the feeling of sadness and pain at the same time, because that wasn’t my preferred ending for this love story. What ending do I want for Romeo and Juliet? As every girl’s dream, a love story with a fairy tale ending, which is happily ever after. So now, I’ll make my own Romeo and Juliet ending, here we go. In the middle of the night Paris together with his page go to the Capulet’s tomb, to visit Juliet’s fake dead body and offer flowers. Then Paris hears someone coming so he quickly hides, not knowing that the ones arriving were Romeo and Balthasar.

Then Romeo gave his letter for Montague to Balthasar and told him to go away, he threatened Balthasar that if he didn’t go away he’ll be fed to hungry graveyard animals. But Balthasar got curious and hides but suddenly he falls asleep. Then Paris entered the scene wherein he wants Romeo to leave but because of Romeo’s depression he didn’t left the tomb instead he asks Paris to be the one to leave for Romeo didn’t want to commit another crime. Neither one of them leave this leads the clash between the two of them, when the Page noticed about the fight he call the watch but before they got in the scene, Paris got killed.

The minute when Paris fell on the floor Juliet woke up Romeo got shocked he hugs Juliet and kiss her lips, Romeo was very happy his over flowing emotion was seen in his reactions and gestures by kissing Juliet. Then Friar Lawrence arrived in the graveyard he saw Balthasar and wake him up, he asked him what had happen Balthasar answered all his questions with the things he knew but then Balthasar didn’t dare to go inside with Friar Lawrence, before Friar Lawrence completely entered the tomb he notice the watch coming so he warned the lovers about it and they rapidly escaped together with Friar Lawrence.

Mean while the Page, the Watch and Prince Escalus entered the tomb and saw Paris dead and Juliet’s body is missing so he ordered the watch to search around the graveyard, there they saw Balthasar and arrested him. Balthasar and the Page was ordered by the Prince to confess all the things they know about the crime. Then the two of them stated all the informations they know. The Prince comes up with the conclusion that Romeo and Juliet were lovers, which is true. The Prince told it to the Montague and the Capulet hoping that it will end the rival between the two families.

The Capulets got very mad to Romeo so they send a man to Mantua to kill Romeo and bring Juliet back to their company. When the man was about to shot Romeo Juliet saw him, so Juliet embraced Romeo the arrow pierced to their bodies and blood was scattered, the man quickly escaped, Friar Lawrence saw the lovers on the floor, he was very nervous and in panic mode but he keeps himself firm and helped Romeo and Juliet. The news got to the Capulets and the Montague they go to Mantua in a hurry there they found Romeo and Juliet in a critical condition.

Capulet and Montague pitied Romeo and Juliet’s state so they swore that if ever Romeo and Juliet recover they will end the rivalry between their families’. After a month Juliet recovered from the tragedy but still Romeo is wide asleep they waited 3 months after Romeo totally recovered. Romeo and Juliet married once again, now with the blessing of their families. They brought an end to the feud between their families, and as a reward Prince Escalus freed Romeo to all his crimes for they’ve brought peace in Verona.

As I close my ending of Romeo and Juliet, I am very satisfied for this is what I want a sweet ending for Romeo and Juliet, everybody deserves to be happy just like in fairy tales wherein the prince and her princess conquers all odds, blessed by their families and live happily ever after, but then a tragic ending do it for Romeo and Juliet and no one can ever change it anymore at least this gives the story a very undefined feeling that evokes ones emotion.

Romeo and Juliet is such a fantastic story that proves the power of love in times of woe. I really love this story that I can recommend everyone to read it. Until now I can feel the story, it seems like a Romeo and Juliet hang over.

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