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A good manager

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Case study A good manager and a leader is a personnel entity who brings about great ideas that ensemble agiven team characterized by the concept of life. For a successful creation of business venture one needs to find new and unique ideas, which are rare from the competitors and execute the ideas like a real entrepreneur rather than a dreamer. Lynn Tilton is among the intelligence leaders and manager taking into consideration her behavior and positive traits she portrays and articulates in her routine services within the private equity and an auto-part company she owns. One of the bases of her leadership and management qualities is that she is honesty. As a good manager and a leader, you are required to raise the company bar even higher than the anticipated level keeping in mind that your employees are among the top reflection entity personnel who requires honest and ethical behavior value for the purpose of their effective service delivery. We learn that Lynn considers herself as an established leader and a manager who strips and flips not for men but her company which she says she hold that company long and close to her heart. Becoming a good leader and a manager too requires the ability of delegation, which comes because of brand vision finessing and characterized through organized and efficient business environment in any prevailing business. Trust and believe in your team, as a manager is the only key to delegate ability since this makes a manager to determine the strengths and weakness prevailing in any company and in turn capitalize on them for the purpose of profit maximization. We learn that Lynn is a talented manager and a leader too who capitalizes on her traits of getting people’s attention. She also capitalizes on the sophistication distressed debt investors perception in that we see she has been able to own all parts of 74 companies with a total of $ 8 billion revenues and a total number of employees of about 120, 000. We get to know from this perception that effective communication is a channel to good management and leadership quality that leads to outstanding company’s performance in terms of business analysis. A good manager is that one who focuses on honing up his or her communication skills by clearly succinctly and doing important things and the proper time. This comes out by training new members and creating productive work framework and environment that favors the employee’s healthy line as well as the client’s preferences and this can be achieved only through effective communication (Knicki 12-17). Contrary to effective communication we anticipate that a good manager and leader of any prevailing company needs to have a sense of humor and confidence to that gives the subordinate hopes and vision that the company is going to take them far in the coming years while still delivery their services. In addition, the essence of humor and confidence give shareholder a sense of hope, making them feel that what they have invested will be profitable at the end of the company financial year. This is also evident considering Lynn traits of her leadership style and management traits she is using in her company. This is evident since through these traits she is considered as a crusader for the America’s rust belt. She states that “ The key to America’s future is manufacturing,” and employing that through her business, her county will become one the county that can make things again. Positive traits that are displayed by Tilton are the sense of humor. This can be anticipated especially when she stated, “ You must be mistaken, “ It is only men that Is trip and flip,” I hold long and close to my heart.” However, some of the negative traits and styles include the aspect of dictatorship she employs in her leadership. Transformational leadership approach is one of the effective approaches one needs to use while in business. Transformational leaders are known to portray integrity by availing it through motivational anticipation and inspirational perception. Examples evident from Lynn case is the autocratic leadership that entails those Lynn staff members has little opportunity to make suggestions. This has led to incredible efficiency. In addition, her leadership portrays charismatic leadership style in that there is the essence of enthusiasm coming through energetic motivational and excitement as well as commitment enormous benefit. I like the way Lynn Tilton works and approaches her goals within her company. Being honest is the essence that makes me feel I need to work with her because it is only the essence that leads to achievement as far as business environment is taken into consideration. I have learnt that leadership requires humor, and hardworking since we anticipate her working for more than 15 hours in a day. Work cited Kinicki, John. Management in Action case study ” Lynn Tilton’s Leadership Helps Turn Around Failing Companies. New York: Yew publisher, 2010. Print

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