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A glimpse of the history of joyland school

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A GLIMPSE OF THE HISTORY OF JOYLAND SCHOOL HISTORY OF JOYLAND SCHOOL INTRODUCTION The past four decades saw the move of districts and annual conferences in the United Methodist Church for establishment not only of Kindergarten but even Elementary, Secondary and Theological institution. We have the Union Theological Seminary and Wesley Divinity School for pastors education; Harris Memorial College initially for deaconess program; Philippine Christian University, Wesleyan University, Philippines Asbury College, Alsdergate College, Eveland Junior Colleges for liberal arts, pre-theological and other non-theological courses. Tarlac Ecumenical which used to offer basic education courses is now offering collegiate education. One growing institution of the Philippine UMC is Joyland School. Joyland School, the second home for the past 25 years of young children barely weaned from their mother’s breasts, the haven where dreams have been planted, nurtured and cultured. It may be a little late in the game, but in the Mother heart of God, it was planted and fertilized in God’s own time. At 25, more and more graduates have started to etch their names in respective chosen fields. Accordingly a good gauge of success, this degree of accomplishment and prominence of Joyland School graduates speaks for the kind of quality education which has been the product of the school’s “ unwavering faith, service and excellence. ” PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION On March 1985, the church leaders, with the encouragement of the church pastor, the Rev. Abraham Casipit and the church deaconess, Ms. Rebecca Kathleen S. Vidal, giving an interplay of courage, commitment and prayers, founded the Joyland Kindergarten School. It was envisioned that Joyland School will be an arm of the church for intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development for all active, vibrant, responsible and God-fearing children. It then applied for a permit to operate from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports ( now the Department of Education). Government Permit No. EE-64 s. 1985 was granted and the school began operations on the opening of the school year 1985-1986. It began its preschool courses- Nursery and Kindergarten. A School Board headed by, Mrs. Florenda B. Nabua was organized to oversee the operations of the school. It was formally opened on June 9, 1985 in an appropriate launching ceremony with Mayor and Mrs. Conrado P. Gubatan, cutting the ceremonial ribbon and Rev. and Mrs. Benjamin Gutierrez, the District superintendent, leading the dedication rites. Meeting the rigid requirements of the MECS and passing them with flying colors after a series of inspection and evaluation, Joyland School earned its Government Recognition No. EE-Re-03 s. 1986 granted by the MECS on June 25, 1986. This was approved for and in behalf of the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports by Dr. Pura T. liban, MECS region I Director. Because the Preschool education provideD young children ages 3-6 experience in Christian living through a balanced program of education, it gained respect and popularity in the entire community of San Fabian. The school administration, with Ms. Vidal as the pioneer teacher, did not hesitate to say “ yes” when a demand to open grade school was made by the parents during one of the Parents-Teachers Fellowship Meeting in 1986. GRADE SCHOOL EDUCATION With very limited and crude facilities Joyland Started grade school in 1987 to enable young children to acquire basic preparation that will make them an “ enlightened, disciplined, nationalistic, self-reliant, God-loving, creative, versatile and productive citizen. ” In 1992 Joyland had its first batch of elementary graduates. Government Recognition (R-1) No. E-007 s. 1994 for the Elementary Course was granted to Joyland on June 1994. As the school continued to grow, it faced problems of space, classrooms, books and other facilities. Even with limited resources however, the lot adjacent to the church which belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Calimlim of Poblacion, San Fabian, Pangasinan was purchased in the amount of Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (P300, 000. 00). HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION Barely has the school developed the newly purchased lot, another opportunity of service knocked, the opening of the high school level. The San Fabian High School closed operation after 50 years of existence.. Ms. Vidal received a letter from some teachers and staff of said school requesting that it push through with the plan of opening secondary education so that their students will have a good school to transfer to. They were willing to help the school put up a quality secondary education if accommodated. Finding the reasons valid, the school director brought the matter to the School Board headed at that time by Mr. Mateo Blanquera. The Board then resolved to begin operating a Secondary Education- from first to fourth year for the school year 1995-1996. The school director, Ms. Vidal, did not waste a single time for the processing of papers necessary to open another level. The Chief of Secondary Education, Dr. Constancia F. Dacanay advised Ms . Vidal to start with first year only to ensure a quality secondary education. Due to the persistence of many students and parents, the school ventured to open complete high school courses. With the help of Mr. Leon L. Palaganas, Jr., an educator himself, the chief of secondary education and the Regional director himself, Atty. Dr. Victoriano B. Tirol, Jr. The DECS has considered the “ situation “ as a special case. Having been convinced that resources were adequate to operate and sustain the operation of first to fourth year, a Government Permit was issued on July 24, 1995 with the provision that the school maintains the standard required for the courses granted and that all laws are followed faithfully. Thus, having observed strictly the rules, regulation, and the requirements of the DECS governing the operation of authorized private school courses, Government Recognition No. SE-002 s. 1999. Management and Organization Like any other institution of learning, Joyland too, has its ups and downs. In 1996-1999 while Ms. Vidal was on a study leave abroad, the school suffered a set back caused by “ crisis” of leadership. Joyland which used to be a “ joyful witness” turned “ sorrowful “ for a while. It was then that the Conference ( Central Luzon Philippines Annual Conference) Board of Trustees under the leadership of Atty. Crispiniano Lamorena intervened and decided to have Joyland School be incorporated and be registered at the Security and Exchange Commission. Now, Joyland School has its own Board “ which shall exercise general supervision, have exclusive control and direction of all funds, prescribe policies, make rules and regulations and establishes practices not inconsistent with law for the governance and direction of the school. ” The original Joyland School Board of Incorporators were the following: Mateo C. Blanquera Guillerma T. Imbuido Lourdes B. Generalao Judith N. Ubaldo Rebecca Kathleen S. Vidal Cristina Pascua Evangeline P. Kuan Virgilio C. Tecson (+) Estrellita S. Gutierrez Rev. Victor C. Vinluan Leon L. Palaganas, Jr. Maria N. Villegas Mabel S. Fajardo Romeo B. Diagan (+) Jaime L. Nabua, Sr. At present, this is the composition of the Board of Trustees: President : Leon L. Palaganas, Jr. Treasurer : Jaime L. Nabua, Sr. Corporate Secretary : Evangeline P. Kuan Bookkeeper : Mateo C. Blanquera Members : Cristina P. Luna : Rev. Victor C. Vinluan : Maria N. Villegas : Daniel C. Biasbas : Dr. Liza J. Codilla School Director : Rebecca Kathleen S. Vidal Honorary Members : Rev. Yo Han Hwang : Rev. Kyeong Jo Seo : Rev. Chang Kyu Shin Ex-Officio : Bishop Rev. Dr. Rudy A. Juan : Rev. Ronald V. Valencia : Rev. Garner Ted de Leon PARTNERSHIP WITH THE PEACE METHODIST CHURCH, KOREA When God calls for an important mission, he sees to it that all needs are provided for. Joyland is a living witness to this truth. Struggles seemed insurmountable but never was there a dint of failing hope as he “ always provide(d). ” In early part of 1999 Joyland School and the San Fabian United Methodist Church were surprised by the visit of the District Superintendent, Rev. Abraham F. Casipit, together with few Korean missionaries from Baguio. These missionaries were exploring places to organize new churches. One of the missionaries, Rev. Chang Kyu Shin mentioned that he was also looking for a place where a retreat center could be built. Ms. Vidal personally showed them some places and also suggested to build the center at the vacant lot of the church. Rev. Shin’s immediate response was “ the lot is so small. ” But when Rev. Shin came back, he decided to negotiate with the CLPAC Board of Trustees for possible partnership in mission. Not only did the Peace Methodist Church of Bucheon, Seoul, Korea where Rev. Shin came from made an agreement with the conference. It, too, agreed to enter into a Sisterhood Partnership with Joyland School on August 22, 2000 followed by a Memorandum of Agreement on September 26, 2002 for the purpose of “ promoting mutual and better understanding between peoples of the two parties and will contribute to the peace and prosperity in Asia through the exchange of ideas, people and resources in spiritual, cultural, educational, economic and other fields. ” On October 28, 2008, Joyland School was allowed use of the Peace Philippine Mission Center by its builder for its educational program. With this partnership in educational mission made with the Peace Methodist Church in Korea under the leadership of Rev. Yo Han Hwang, Rev. Kyeong Jo Seo, and Rev. Chang Kyu Shin, the students and staff now enjoy the blessing of beautiful and comfortable classrooms equipped with modern facilities needed to enhance teaching-learning experiences that could soar towards global competitiveness. THE FUTURE OF JOYLAND SCHOOL The distinction as an effective educational institution does not happen with a flick of a finger or by rule of thumb. Today, the Joyland School, Inc. through its present Board of Trustees headed by Mr. Leon L. Palaganas, Jr. periodically and continuously reassesses the focus of the school’s educational mission. It is of the Board’s assessment that while high marks has been earned in the educational community in San Fabian and the entire province, the limitations of space and classrooms always hung like a Damocles sword confronting authorities each school year because of increasing enrollment. The Board and Administrative Staff of Joyland School continue to pray and dream for a more excellent venue of learning where every child could grow in wisdom and enjoy the fullness of life and where truth and knowledge of Christ be everybody’s quest. Praise and Thanks be to God for his blessings to Joyland School as it continues to nurture and develops the children and youth who are the hopes and future pillars of our nation and of God’s kingdom.

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