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A company Affiliation If I were to invest, I would consider doing so in the Life in Pi and Mi Life Company. From the advertisement, previous users of the product in question keep coming for more; an indication that the business is already established and as such, impressive returns are guaranteed upon investment.
2. For work, I can opt for Naked Cask. It is clearly illustrated from the advertisement that this is a company with ambition and out to try something new. As such, it is not only adventurous for me as an employee but also presents me with an opportunity of offering equally constructive ideas of reaching the same. A closer analysis of the advert would make you come to the realization that this company is open for any ideas that can make it achieve its objective. Any employee who can offer that has a greater future in the company.
3. To make the advertisement more appealing, I would advise the Field Vine presenter r to opt for a better and more conspicuous logo which tends to catch people’s attention more easily (Tellis, 2004). The general citation of the name as the logo is rather too plain.
4. The general presentation format can be improved by use of coloured and more conspicuous writings in order to appear more attractive. In addition, the arrangement of the adverts would have been done in line with a given pattern to appear more spectacular.
5. Effective advertisement is all about attracting the potential clients’ attention and keeping them glued the moment they give the slightest attention to it (Tellis, 2004). Attraction is best achieved by use of colourful and creative advertisement outline and general appearance. To have the targeted audience stick to the advertisement and possibly make some purchase, an ad needs to be more accurate, informative and elaborative in its description. If this is put into consideration in the above sets of adverts, significant changes are bound to be realized.
Tellis, J. G. (2004). Effective Advertising: Understanding When, How And Why Advertising Works. New York: SAGE Publication

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