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A brand i like

In this fast changing world, consumerism is a predominant aspect in human life. The path that most individuals take in life follows a certain pattern. This pattern points toward the direction of thecultureof capitalist creating differences in human values. The modern world is a ground for people to set standards on certain products allowing them to have a unique position in the society.

The so called product “ brands” became a medium that actually let people possess things that would somehow set them apart from other individuals in the society. As such, most of the consumers today are more conscious on the products that they purchase.

They care more about branded products compared to the unbranded counterparts because most people believe that branded products are far more dependable than the unbranded ones (Hasan, 2008). In addition to this, numerous people have unwavering affection for beautiful things. Some are particular for the brands quality and history (cited in Mah, 2007).

According to Elissa Moses (2000), certain brands serve different purposes for different people. It could define an individual’s identity while being able to bring satisfaction to the individual at the same time. Brands serve as passes to success and global culture. It is a reflection of all the good things in life and a promise for better opportunities.

Also, brands are reinforcements that can assure a solid and ongoing lifestyle in such a way that they serve as a refuge for those people who are seeking reliable pleasure. Moreover, brands serve as status symbols that can reflect the position of an individual and his or herfamilyeconomically. In the United States “ branded” products are easily available because most of the stores and supermarkets are piled up with these products yet, they come in affordable prices.

However, in different countries like Asia and Latin America, brands are considered as scorecards indicating how a person could follow the latest trend and how they are well depicted within the society. Generally, branded products are well recognized by people because it identifies who a person really is.

Recent researches showed that nowadays, consumers have a strong connection with the brands that they purchase. Whenever an individual tends to buy certain product such as cars, technological devices and items that will comply for their daily needs, the brandnames greatly affect the product purchasing decisions of the consumers (Hasan, 2008).

This is pretty interesting because like any other individuals I take note of the brand before I purchase a certain product. As a sports enthusiast, I always see to it that I use sports equipments and athletic shoes that would compliment my passion for the said activity. This is why I am very particular with Nike products most especially the Nike air max shoes.

I do believe that only few people do not recognize the Nike logo which is known as “ Swoosh.” I was able to say so because for one, Nike has been endorsed by well known athletes such as Michael Jordan, Venus and Serena Williams, LeBron James, Andre Agassi and other superstars. The Nike swoosh logo is a representation of the wing of the Greek goddess of victory known as Nike.

According to researches, Nike served as the inspiration for the greatest and courageous Greek warriors. Legends told that Greeks would utter “ When we go to battle and win, we say it is Nike.” Originally called as the strip, the Swoosh logo is described only in three words: simple, fast and fluid. Since it was first created by Carolyn Davidson in 1971, Nike became one of the worlds most trusted and recognized brands.

Although one would say that the logo is very simple, it connotes positivity which well complimented its mission towards “ bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world” (Nike logo,” 2008).

Aside from the fact that Nike is really popular, the logo alongside with its slogan “ Just do it” relates very much with my purchase decision because it communicates a very strong and positive outlook in life. As a sport person I take this brand as something that reinforces me to go on with my passion for sport becauseI believethat Nike  was able to deliver the benefit that it promised which is deeply reflected within its mission.

And unlike any other brands, Nike for me is an embodiment of all the good things that sports life has to offer. In addition to this, I think that the advertisers in charge for the promotion of Nike did an effective and efficient use of theirmoneybecause from a consumer’s perspective, the brand created a radical change in the sportswear industry that never failed to please its consumers.

Also, I noticed that the usage of this brand is not limited to sports enthusiast. I saw other people who are not deeply engaged in sports using different Nike products, which is a testimony that Nike was able to broaden its reach in every nook of the world.

This is an indication that there is an increase in the demand for the products that have the Nike brand and that the company is exerting more effort in promoting brand awareness for the products they create. Somehow, there is a link with the brand, the company that produces the products and the consumers. This type of relationship is beneficial for the three key players who are dependent with each other.

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