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707 week 12

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707 Week 12 March 30, 707 Week 12 Data analysis results from an evidence-based practice project in which I participated did not support the hypothesis that outcomes of the project have positive effects on patients’ outcomes. A colleague has noticed a professional journal that called for manuscripts on the topic and the colleague wants to co-author a manuscript with me.
I would approach the situation by contacting my employer and asking its relevant authority to submit the EBP project to the professional journal and I would then consider an independent research, with the colleague, for another project that we could then submit to the professional journal. I would contact my employer for submission of the EBP project because the corporate body authored the work and claiming individual authorship would be a breach of honesty and integrity (Macfarlane, 2010). Conducting an independent research and submitting its report would however be moral, because no other party’s intellectual property rights would be infringed. Such an independent study would also be necessary to validate deviation from expected results from the initial EBP project that could have resulted from changes in the healthcare environment.
Findings of the EBP project should be disseminated despite realization of contrary results to the hypothesis. This is because a hypothesis is an indicator of expectations but not a criterion for validity or reliability. The results could further be indicators of emergent factors that shift outcomes from previous observation and dissemination is likely to inform relevant stakeholders of the possible shifts and facilitate further results for validation. Dissemination should however be done under authorship of the employer.
Macfarlane, B. (2010). Researching with integrity: The ethics of academic enquiry. New York, NY: Routledge.

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