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Dear Perspective It is clear that you are interested in taking Economics 220 and what this letter hopes to accomplish is identify why I likedthis course what I have learned, highlight some of my experience working on an integrated final project as well as some shortcomings of the course. Lastly this letter will identify some strategies that could be utilized in order to successfully complete this course.
In terms of the content that is covered throughout the semester, Econ 220 is your basic economics class with a focus on microeconomics. It is important to consider that you should have a basic understanding of micro economics as this course is fairly intensive. In this regard much like basic microeconomics this course is a continuation of principles that individuals and small groups make decisions to allocate resources. Some specific topics that we covered were efficiency of markets, disposable income, balance of payments, market inefficiencies, substitute goods, and the multiplier effect to name a few.
What I personally got out of the class was a firmer understanding of supply and demand curves and the effect that some variables have on affecting the supply and quantity demanded. On a personal level I find it very interesting to physically graph how an increase in demand would move up the supply curve and ultimately increase prices. Since I gained a better understanding of this topic I am starting to look at real world situations with a whole new perspective.
In this course you are expected to complete a fully integrated final project and in this regard you are going to have to complete work in a more or less unstructured environment. Furthermore it is always good to gain insight from your peers as collaborating can be an effective method to gain new perspectives on approaching problems. It may seem a little intimidating however it is important to keep in mind that the professors are there to help you. In terms of what could have been done differently I would have liked to have seen more opportunities to work with real world situations instead of examining some historical situations however it is the case that when one examines a historical situation the outcome is clearly defined and it does make for a better understanding of outcomes
In order to be successful at this course, you are probably going to have to work well in a self motivated capacity. In this regard you are going to have to work hard to motivate yourself to study a great deal outside of the classroom. Furthermore, if topics are not entirely clear there is no shame in asking your fellow students and professor for additional clarification. Lastly you should try to find some real world examples that you could compare your classroom learning to, as this helps entrench some new concepts.

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